First of all let me say this before anyone calls me a sell out or calls me out on my parents coming here illegaly. I believe in up holding the law, if not then there would be absolutely no point in any laws what so ever. YES! my parents came here illegally, but during that time they legitimately fled because of the civil war going on in Guatemala because the USA backed Guatemalan military was literally killing thousands of native people. They came here, worked their asses off and succeeded in this country. They were granted amnesty under Ronald Regan because of a law focused on farm workers. According to Pue research now 91 percent of Guatemalans only move here to look to prosper, not because they are fleeing dangerous lifestyles.

I am not a sell out, I love my heritage and where I come from but that does not mean that I must be biased in laws to only benefit me. There are millions of people around the world who really are in dangerous countries where every day might be their last. Those people don’t have the same privileges as these DACA people. Im sorry but every action has a consequence. If I was a Honduran citizen trying to cross to the USA and on my way I get caught, I would get treated worse then the people who get crossing here. They leave you with nothing and send you on your way back home with nothing, not even transportation.

I mentioned every action having a consequence. I can’t go in to a restaurant, order everything on the menu and then not pay. Well actually I can but that would be illegal and I would go to jail. People might feel bad if the person was homeless and starving which I can imagine would be a rare situation. Either way that person faces a consequence either because they did it to be funny by trying to finesse the place or because they were starving the law must be upheld all feelings aside.

We are becoming a society who wants social equality instead of self responsibility. People know what they get them selves into when they break the law but then they want special treatment when they get caught. Its a victimhood mentality that is being instilled upon people. Every time you turn on CNN, MSNBC or Univision all you hear is how we are being divided  and this country needs to come together. Maybe it would if they stopped publishing fake stories and never reporting on the good aspects of the things that are being done. But thats a whole other topic.

Hispanics get these programs from democrats not because they actually care about us but because they want our vote. Its truly sad, As for how it is unconstitutional I’ll let columnist, political commentator and Lawyer Ben Shapiro explain

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