Hello there, my name is Smith. I’m going to start by saying that I enjoy speaking my mind. I feel that the average person is afraid to speak what is on their mind due to someone whom ever they are close with disagreeing with their particular point of view. For example, if I say I agree with a certain candidate on his policies without hesitation there are certain people that will lash out at me because I’m agreeing with someone whom they believe to be the next Hitler. Something in particular that never ceases to amuse me is that there is absolutely no middle ground with these people. Its either apples and oranges, black or white.


There’s a weird social climate in the country right now. I feel that the vast majority of California is disconnected from the rest of the country. It’s not all Urban cities and neighborhoods. There are endless fields of farm land as well as Cole mines and all sorts of oiling rigs. Those people have been forgotten about for long periods of time by both political parties. Finally, someone came along, said what they wanted to hear and it turns out they came out in big numbers to put someone in office who had been ridiculed himself and the media went as far as saying that he would never win. I guess that saying “never say never” is very true.


People here in California, especially the Los Angeles area seem to think that we being some run by some Nazi Dictator who is going to displace us and destroy us unless they can find a way to stop him. For some reason that is really funny to me because for years discrimination, racism, harassment and inequality have been going on at the government level. To believe that any president whether it by republican or democrat will get you out of your crappy situation is delusional. People here want handouts, It saddens me when I’m walking down a particular big street in the hood and I see a mother walking with two children next to her, one in the stroller and another one baking in the oven. I ask myself can one person from this area really maintain 6 people essentially on a minimum wage income. Even if you made 30 dollars a hour it would still be extremely hard to do without government assistance. Unless its someone who is grinding it out with 2 or 3 jobs even to survive. My salute to those people, because that is a heavy task to accomplish. My parents are Central American and I grew up in a low-income area but my parents did whatever they could to ensure that I would have a comfortable upbringing. I always had fresh clothes and shoes on, we weren’t rich but they wanted to give me certain things because it’s what made me happy at the time. By no means did I grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. Fast forward to today, right now everything I have is because I’ve worked to get it. I’m going to keep working until I get to where my vision takes me. Better believe that.


Honestly, I don’t care about people being offended by what I say because I am a pretty reasonable person, if we are having a debate and your argument makes sense I would humbly accept my defeat and agree with what you are saying. People might say I’ve changed, a sellout, a dumbass, whatever it may be. I say it’s just all a part of growing up.


 Believe me I know the injustices that this country has produced. The overthrowing of Jacobo Arbez President of Guatemala on 1954 because he decided to give land back to the natives. Some of those lands were owned by The United Fruit Company now known as the Chiquita Banana and of course they weren’t having it. It just so turns out that the owner of Chiquita had a brother in the CIA and long story short they bombed the capital because they accused him of being communist. In El Salvador they continually put puppet presidents in control. I know the history about my heritage and about what has been inflicted against us. Yet I ask my parents if they would rather go back and stay there or live how we do here and without question they always say here.


This country is by no means perfect, but it has given my parents the chance to own their own business, to own a house, to supply food on the table and other little things that may be considered luxuries. No president or government official came and handed it to them. They came here with nothing and through hard work and good thinking they’ve managed to do well for themselves. I’ve been on my own mission in life, yeah I had their help for some time and I thank them for that. We all grow up in different situations, I’ve never had to claw to make my way through and thankfully the situation which I’m in now financially is good. I don’t ask anyone for anything. The goal is to be able to take care of EVERYTHING for my parents. That’s what my vision is, learning HTML and CSS to a tee and be grinding it out hard to the point where I can travel and work at the same time which is the beauty about my job. That’s just what I want for myself and if you don’t like it then I’ll just say you’re a hater. Because I can’t think of a better line of work. In business, there is no skin color, just money. You have it or not? We’re in one of the last countries where you can really succeed no matter what financial situation you are in you can go where ever you want if you have the dedication and match it with actions. For that I’m thankful. Anyway, I’m hungover. Goodnight.

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